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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Weekend Wrap Up!

I know, it's already Wednesday and I"m just getting around to posting about our weekend...I blame it on the snow:-) It made me a little lazy!!

Saturday we had a lazy day at home with whole family! I LOVE these kinds of days! When we have NO where we have to go or nothing we just HAVE to do! Jason and I ended our day by having dinner at home and renting a Red Box (LOVE...LOVE....LOVE $1.00 movies!!). We rented "It's Complicated" and it was HILARIOUS!

Sunday was the big 29th Birthday for me! Last year in my 20's :-( Yes, this depresses me....moving on......We spent the morning at home with the family cleaning out closets and organizing (yes, I chose to do this on my birthday! I LOVE to clean and organize!!) and then we dropped the kids off at my parents house and had a late lunch at El Porton (can we say WHITE CHEESE DIP!) and then ran a few errands together! It was so nice to have a quiet dinner with just the hubs and get the opportunity to run a few errands kid free ~happy birthday to me:-) Later we celebrated with a WONDERFUL homemade cake my sweet mama made me! It was a GREAT birthday!

And on Monday seemed like another weekend day because we had our first official snow day this year! It was beautiful and the kids had a BLAST!
Snow ball fight!!

Snow Angels~
Her favorite part was eating the snow!

My snow babies :-)

It took him some time to warm up to the idea of snow....

She had a blast. I was internally frozen after the play time! Ha!

LOVE these kids!


Amanda said...

Adorable pics!!!!

erin said...

That cake your mom made looks so pretty! I love all these pics. Your kids are getting so big!

And I'm still in denial about being 29, and my birthday was in October. :)