Psalm 106:1

Praise the LORD. Give thanks to the LORD, for he is good; his love endures forever!

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Five On Friday (Well, maybe Saturday!)

1. I"m TOTALLY drooling over these.......

AND these.....decisions.....decisions!!!!
2. We tried this new recipe tonight! It was SO EASY and a hit! Will definitely be making this one again!!! I served it on whole wheat buns with Corky's BBQ sauce!

3. Since it's been SO DARN cold outside, I have almost ZERO desire to get out of the this weekend instead of having a night on the town on Saturday the hubby and I will have a Movie Night at home!!! Gotta LOVE $1.00 Redbox!

And maybe enjoy this OH SO YUMMY dessert! Bliss!

4. I'm SO OVER the cold, the snow, wearing coats, sick babies, high MLGW bills !!! Is is Spring yet?!?!?!

5. I'm SO PROUD of my hubby!! He officially started back to school this week at Union University (Germantown Campus)! He will be completing his Organizational Leadership Degree over the next 18 months! Go Babe Go!!!


erin said...

I make pulled pork in the crock pot with equal parts Dale's and water, and it is SO tasty, but I may have to try it with root beer! And I've made those apple dumplings several times and they are AMAZING!

Sharaze said...

Funny enough, we had slow cooker pork tonight using a really similar recipe! We're going to have barbecue nachos tomorrow with the leftovers. :D

Hallie said...

Faith, Michael saw the pulled pork recipe and politely requested I make it for dinner one night this week. We're going to have it tonight. I think you may have made me a hero to my hubby if it turns out as delicious as it sounds! Thanks!!