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Saturday, January 1, 2011

2011~New Years Resolutions!

Happy New Year! There is just something about a new year that gives you the feeling of a brand new start~a clean slate so to speak. I know this is exciting for me and I'm sure for most of you! I am VERY goal oriented, so the idea of starting off with a set of fresh resolutions is exciting. With that said, here are a few of the goals/"resolutions" I have set for myself:

Grow out my hair: I have had my hair really short for the last 2 years...I have said MANY times I was going to grown it out. Even begged my husband to forbid me to cut it (that didn't work obviously), but this year, I'M STICKING TO IT! I think my problem is the "in between stage" of the starts to bug me so I CHOP IT! But NOT this year:-)

Lose 10 pounds: No, I do not think I'm fat, but I do think I could shed a few pounds (who doesn't). Health is becoming more important to me the older I get and I realize I'm NOT getting any younger and that my body isn't either! Ha! My goal is to not only shed the weight I know is looming around, but to develop better eating habits....I think it all goes hand in hand!

Blog More: I'm TERRIBLE at keeping up with the whole blogging thing...I have EVERY desire to, really I do, but time just gets the best of me and I slack. I really enjoy reading others blogs and my Google reader has become a slight addiction.....I just have a hard time keeping up with my own. I hoping that will change in 2011.

Drink More H2O: I'm a Diet Dr. Pepper junkie *sigh*....I try to limit myself, but there is a slight addiction there to that carbonation "burn"....I LOVE it, I CRAVE it......I'm going to FIGHT it this year! :-)

Read: Notice I didn't say "Read More".....that's because I DON'T read! Another one of those things I have EVERY desire to do, but just can't find the time....this year I want to make the time, I need to make the time.

Shower FIRST THING in the morning: Go ahead, laugh if you need to, but this is truth people. As a stay at home mom of two small children, I have the pleasure of slow mornings, most days. Before I know it, it's mid-morning and I still haven't showered! And then there are days I look up and it's 2:00 p.m and I STILL haven't showered! (Yes, I am ashamed to admit this). I fully admit I feel like a better mom/person once I haven't gotten myself "ready" for the day so my goal this year is to start getting up and getting myself together before I notice it's afternoon:-)

Learn How To Use My New Camera: Mom and Dad got me DSLR (Cannon EOS Rebel T1i) for Christmas and I'm SO EXCITED to figure this thing out! My point and shoot was falling apart AND I love taking pictures, so this was by far the BEST gift this year!!!

and last but not least......

Be More Intentional about spending quality time with my babies: Reality is beginning to set in that I only have a little over a year to spend with my sweet little girl Macie before I lose her to the "real world" of Kindergarten...this TERRIFIES me.....and honestly having the freedom to be at home with my babies often lends to constant housework and other tedious responsibilities and before I know it, I've let them watch TV all day and entertain themselves~I'm sure other SAHM's can relate! It's time I plan a schedule for us and stick to it!

So there you have it, just a few goals I have set for's to a NEW year with NEW beginnings!


star said...

Great resolutions! Goos luck!

Kit said...

These are all really good resolutions! I got a SLR for christmas this year too and would love to take a class to learn to use it!

MJ said...

I understand that shower in the morning thing...when I'm on break from school I get that same feeling...good resolutions!!

Thanks for linking up with us for the 11 in 2011!

Jessie said...

Great list! I am right there with you on the soda thing! My husband and I have up soda for three years but now I am addicted even more than I was before! Good luck with your resolutions!

timlinzrowland said...

Glad your back blogging! Your babies have gotten so big!
I relate 100% to the shower thing and letting the kids entertain themselves while I clean.... that has changed some now that I have a baby again but I still try to clean more than I spend time in the floor playing.

The Moseley Family said...

love this Faith!! awesome list! :)