Psalm 106:1

Praise the LORD. Give thanks to the LORD, for he is good; his love endures forever!

Tuesday, March 31, 2009

37 going on 38 Weeks!

I have officially reached the "full term" stage! I realize I have 2 weeks left to go, but if sweet Caleb were to arrive today, he hopefully would be ready for the world! I am definitely counting down the days! Not any progress at the doctor this week. Last week I was 50% effaced, but not dilated, and this week there was no change. My body definitely feels some change though as the weeks are progressing. I am having TONS of Braxton Hicks contractions, I am exhausted, sleeping is getting more difficult, the heartburn is is FULL SWING, nauseated, back pain, not enjoying food anymore because it has NO WHERE to go (bummer), I feel HUGE....and not to mention the feeling that he might fall out any minute! Wow! It' amazes me what our bodies are capable of when bearing a child! The doctor is estimating that he will way around 7 1/2 pounds if he holds out to the end. We have officially scheduled a C-section for Friday, April 17th at 9:30! So only 13 more days to go and we will be able to meet out little man! Yes, I am miserable, but I want him to be healthy and ready to come out, so I am holding on strong until he is ready to be here. I know things will only get crazier once he has arrived! A VERY active 2 year old and a newborn are going to be 2 full time jobs!!! I am fully aware of this, and YES, it terrifies me!!

Friday, March 27, 2009

Her Source of Happiness, Everyone's Lack Of Sleep!

As a mom, there is NOTHING more rewarding than seeing your child happy, I mean REALLY happy! For over a month I have been trying to find this Step 2 Fun Flow Sink for Macie. And for over a month it has been out of stock EVERYWHERE! My child LOVES to play in the water, ESPECIALLY the sink. It makes her EXTREMELY happy! Whether she is brushing her teeth, washing her hands, or pouring water in and out of cups, she LOVES to play in the water!! So, when I saw this toy in a Toys R Us ad, I knew I HAD to purchase this for her.....but much to my disappointment, this thing was no where to be found! UNTIL LAST WEEKEND!! We decided to take a trip to Costco for some grocery shopping (we usually go to Sam's) and low and behold, THE SINK WAS THERE!!!!! And it was cheaper than at Toy's R Us!! I think I was more excited than Macie was! But it didn't take her long to figure out just how fun this new toy was going to much fun the child COULD NOT EVEN TAKE A NAP!!! For an hour and a half she stayed awake in her bed wanting to play with this toy! Which meant no nap time for her....and no nap time for her 9 month pregnant mommy! Wow!! But let me tell you, when I saw the how excited and happy she was when we took it out of the box and began to put it together, it made made my heart smile.....a HUGE smile:-) Totally worth the lack of "napping" everyone got today!

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Friday, March 20, 2009

Down and Out!

These past couple of weeks we have ALL been down and out around here! The sickness season has fallen upon our family and it has been one thing after another!! From nasty colds that WON'T GO AWAY, to the stomach virus, to sinus infections.......we have have a rough month!!! We are definitely ready for some healing around here! Hopefully with all the meds we are on, we are on our way to wellness very soon! Especially since Caleb is set to arrive in a little over 3 weeks!!!

Things are going well with the pregnancy, not much longer now! I can't believe he will be here so soon! Don't get me wrong, I am VERY ready for him to be here and to meet him, but overall, things haven't been as bad as I had imagined! I have only imagined the worst, considering my last pregnancy, and then adding taking care of a 2 year old on top of that, but the Lord has been SO GRACIOUS, and has provided me with an easy second pregnancy and the patience I have needed to make it through:-) Praise the Lord! Now we are just continuing to pray for a safe and healthy delivery of sweet Caleb!

This past Tuesday night, Macie and I got to spend some time with my parents while Jason had to work late. Of course we enjoyed every minute of it, despite both of us feeling terrible. We took Macie to the Bartlett Park so she could watch the ducks! Her and Pop Pop had been earlier that morning while I had my doctors appointment, and they had played on the playground and watched the turtles in the pond (which she LOVED and cried for when she had to leave) when she began to get restless Tuesday night, we took her back in hopes to see the turtles again, but they were no where in sight, but thank goodness the ducks were out! She now asks DAILY to go and see the "turtles and ducks"!!

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Playdate With Audrey!

Last Tuesday Macie got to have a play date with one of her best friends, Audrey, while her mom and dad attended the funeral for her great-grandfather. Now your probably thinking "she's 2, how does she have a best friend?" Well, if you saw these two together, they are CRAZY about each other~seriously BFF's!! They LOVE playing together and do it so well! Half the time all they do is just kiss and hug one another! We really enjoyed our day! The girls got to play, have snack, play outside and go on a ride in the wagon, have lunch, and then play some more! It was LOADS of fun!! And what's even better, is that not only does Macie have a wonderful friend in Audrey, but her mom and I are great friends as well!

Sunday, March 8, 2009

New Food Blog!

Not that I don't have enough on my plate right now, but I have been inspired to start a new food blog in addition to our family blog!  I have found this new LOVE for cooking and baking and I really enjoy new recipes and I especially LOVE to share them! This will give me a way to post GREAT recipes that I find so that everyone can enjoy! Check it out!

34 1/2 Weeks!

34 1/2 weeks and counting! But I must say time is definitely S...L...O...W...I...N...G down. The previous weeks have flown by, but now time seems to be creeping by slower than ever! With just 5 weeks to go, I am very ready for Caleb to be here! Now are the days I am beginning to feel VERY tired and big, and he definitely is getting heavy and running out of room! Of course there are the other glorious pleasures such as heartburn, backache, running to the bathroom every 10 min because he is resting on my bladder, and of course the knees and elbows in the rib cage......but I am holding on to the fact that he will be here very soon! The mornings are usually pretty easy, but by the end of the day I am exhausted! But I am extremely lucky to have such a wonderful hubby that just TAKES OVER when he comes home from work so I can rest!! I am thankful that my blood pressure has remained normal so far and he is growing exactly like he should! It's estimated he is on average 5 pounds (or bigger) by now! This week I start my weekly doctor appointments, which gives me something to look forward to each week~those appointments just mean I am one step closer to having a baby!! I have only gained about 20 pounds so far, which I am also thankful for! It's amazing how this pregnancy has been SO different from my first one! So many people have already starting asking have we thought about a 3rd??? Why this is something people ask as you while you are in the throws of the 3rd trimester, I will never understand, BUT........ to answer your question.......we don't know yet! :-)

On another note, while one is gaining the weight around here, another is losing the weight! My hubby is looking awesome!! He is continuing with his work-out program (the dreaded P90X) and his better eating habits and it is paying off!! He has lost 25 pounds and is really slimming down! I am SO proud of him! the end of November on our anniversary cruise......
AFTER 2 months of P90X and Weight Watchers!!! Almost 30 pounds!!!!! And still going!!!