Psalm 106:1

Praise the LORD. Give thanks to the LORD, for he is good; his love endures forever!

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Fun Family Weekend!

I enjoyed our weekend together SO MUCH. We didn't do a whole lot or anything extremely exciting, but we were together as a family for the whole weekend which was lots of fun! Friday afternoon was spent doing some yard work. Macie enjoyed helping her daddy out!. She enjoyed playing in his truck even more:) On Saturday morning we had a blast making pancakes and sausage together. Macie LOVED feeding her baby:) After that we went window shopping for a couch to go in our hearth room, then off to Quizno's for lunch. We ended our day by hanging out at home getting our upstairs ready to paint and carpet and then hanging out on the couch! I love the simple family time. On Sunday we went to church and then came home for some much needed "nap time"! In the afternoon we went Babies R' Us to buy a booster seat, and of course daddy let Macie pick out a toy:) Monday started out with yard work and Macie playing in the water hose and ended hanging out with Macie's Kay Kay, having dinner at Huey's, and then spending time with extended family in Olive Branch! What a relaxing weekend...I hated to see it go by so fast!

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Happy Birthday Dad!

Thursday was my dad's 51st birthday! We all celebrated by having dinner at Pei Wei's (YUMMY), and then hanging out at mom and dads house the rest of the evening! It's quite funny how it was Poppies birthday, but yet Macie Jewel seemed to "steel the show", as usual:) I find it amazing that when she is around, NOTHING else in the world matters to my dad but HER!!! It's such a sweet thing to see my dad love her as much as he does! Happy Birthday Dad!!

Monday, May 19, 2008

Treasure Hunting!

It is amazing the great "second hand" buys you can find out there! Some may call it "garage sales", it is what I like to call "treasure hunting":)!! Being a stay at home mom, the funds are limited:) So why not take advantage of some great buys, especially on things that are in really great condition! While out a couple of mornings ago, having some "mommy" time, I ran upon this GREAT Little Tykes slide! It was perfect for Macie and exactly what I had been wanting to get her, but didn't want to pay $40 for a toddler slide! So I snagged this little thing for only $4! It looked practically BRAND NEW, I am not even sure if it had been used! Needless to say, Macie LOVED it and she never knew the difference in old vs. new! NOTE***Just like the typical female, she can't do anything without her cell phone:)

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Feeling SOME better:)

Last night wasn't as rough as I had imagined. Macie didn't want to go to sleep until around 9:00 so we made an exception (her bed time is usually 7:30ish) and let her stay up since she was sick to avoid a crying baby breakdown . NEVER FUN, especially when they are sick! So we picked out battle:) She finally went to sleep pretty easy around 9:00 and slept for a good hour and a half. Of course mommy didn't. I find it bizarre, when I am the MOST tired, I can't for the life of me fall asleep...probably because I was on a blow up mattress in Macie's floor:) Around 11, she was VERY restless and crying in her sleep. We got her up and gave her some more meds (praise the Lord for Motrin and Deslym!!) and watched a little t.v and then went back to sleep. At this point I was almost delirious from lack of sleep ( I don't do well when I am tired), so my sweet hubby volunteered to take over on the "blow-up" for a few hours!:) Finally, some sleep from about 1-4 a.m! Since it was time for hubby to get ready for work, it was back to the mattress:) So far, today has been better. No appetite, very clingy, coughing and congestion, but she did want to go outside. So, I let her play in the backyard for a few minutes while I was watering flowers. The smile and joy it brings to a mommy's heart to see her sick baby smile for the first time in 48 hours:)!!

Saturday, May 17, 2008

Sick Baby:(

Well, the inevitable happened and Macie finally caught what Jason has been battling all week, a nasty viral infection! And on top of that she has croup too!  NO FUN!  It was a LONG night last night full of NO SLEEP,  high fever, coughing that sounded like awful "barking" sound, and major chest congestion.  We finally made it to 8 a.m and called the doctor to make an appointment! After LONG wait and being thrown up on by Macie (one more symptom to add to the list) in the examining room, we set out for home where we hoped to get some rest!  On the way home, the throwing up continued!  For most of you that don't know, I have  HUGE phobia of throw up!  I had dreaded the day when Macie had her first "big girl" throw up! I just knew I would freak out! But to my surprise, I handled it rather well!  My heart my hurting so much for her, all I could do was just hold her as she was getting sick all over me! Every mom I had ever shared my fear with told me that it would be different when it was my "own" child and I didn't believe them, UNTIL TODAY!  We made it home to get baths and cleaned up, but not much rest was gotten by any of us. Macie didn't want to sleep, which in turns means NO SLEEP FOR MAMA!  We survived the afternoon and are heading into the looks like it's going to be  LONG one again...pray for my sanity, that I don't catch this stuff, and especially for Macie's healing!  

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Great Granparent Visit

Monday morning me, Macie, and my mom headed up to Pickwick to visit Macie's great-grandparents! Macie did SO well on the ride up. She was completely entertained by the DVD player on the seat in front of her! Who knew Barney could be SOLE entertainment for a 2 hour ride! We had a great time during our visit. We had lunch with the grandparents and then went to visit my great Aunt who is homebound due to terminal cancer. Of course, Macie was spoiled rotten the entire time and even came home with a red wagon her great-grandparent's had gotten her! The favorite part of Macie's day was playing in the wood burning fireplace with her Pap! The ride home was just as wonderful, the DVD player again was complete entertainment!

Happy Mother's Day!

I have come to learn that being a mother is singly one of the GREATEST gifts that the Lord can give a woman outside of our salvation! The love that a mother has for her child is indescribable. It is the most unselfish, sacrificial, life changing love that I have ever experienced. Macie is almost 18 months old now and it is amazing how my love for her continues to grow everyday! No matter how hard the days and nights can be, my love for her NEVER changes. It truly puts into perspective the love that our Heavenly Father has for his children! Mother's Day this year was a great day. We were able to worship at Highpoint on Sunday morning and then Jason and I had Quizno's for lunch, while Macie napped:) Later that afternoon we went to my parents house to see my mom (AKA Nonnie) and hang out for a while. Jason and Macie also surprised me with a pink Ipod Nano for Mother's Day! They are the best!