Psalm 106:1

Praise the LORD. Give thanks to the LORD, for he is good; his love endures forever!

Monday, October 13, 2008

13 Weeks

Praise the Lord I have made it through my first trimester!! We had a doctor's appointment last week and the baby looked great!  We heard the heartbeat with the doplar for the first time (165 bpm) and we also got to have another ultrasound!  It was amazing to see our little one moving all around and kicking it's little arms and legs! It actually looked like a real baby this time as apposed to a little "peanut":)  Simply amazing!  The sickness has gone for the most part (Amen!) and the exhaustion is getting better, but I'm still pretty worn out by the end of the day.  I am having some issues with my gallbladder, but the doctor is going to keep an eye on it and I'm trying to watch my diet to keep it from getting worse!  I'm definitely getting bigger and a lot faster than with Macie. My regular pants are LONG gone and the maternity clothes are slowly starting to make their way out of the closet:) Only 6 more weeks and we find out the sex!!! At this point, I'm thinking girl:)