Psalm 106:1

Praise the LORD. Give thanks to the LORD, for he is good; his love endures forever!

Wednesday, January 28, 2009


Being a mom to a little girl, I LOVE all things "girly"! Monogrammed ANYTHING, smocked and appliqued clothing, bows, jewelry....I LOVE IT ALL!! But I don't love paying the boutique prices for all that cute girly stuff! My favorite place to buy a few things here and there for my little girly princess is! It's a great place to buy and sell (if your crafty~unlike me) things handmade and it's SO MUCH cheaper than the boutiques! I love the "personal" side of the stores as well, because many of the sellers will "custom make" things for you as well from their store~you just tell them what your looking for and they will make it for you!! Over the last year I have been able to order Macie pillowcase dresses, A-line jumpers, bracelets, hair bows, hair bow holders, and other cute outfits for super cheap (compared to the stores)! I also have ordered a few baby shower gifts including monogrammed blankets and burp cloths! My latest buy was this SUPER CUTE Valentine's Day outfit for Macie from a ladies shop called "Little Bo Peep". I was able to pick the fabric for the pants and then customize the top! Check out my sweet little girl in her adorable Valentines Day outfit! I also recently ordered these adorable monogrammed burp cloths for my "soon to be" baby boy! They turned out so cute! I got these from another Etsy stored called Bellaclairebaby!

Snow Day!!

Today is bittersweet for me~Wednesdays are Macie's Mother's Day Out days, and of course that is one of my favorite days of the week, but with the snow, school was cancelled today:-( BUT, it was nice to see a little snow and also fun to watch Macie play in it for just a little bit! She had a blast! At first she kept telling us it was "messy on my boot", but she soon got the hang of it and was running around throwing it at us! We were also excited that daddy got to stay at home just a "little" bit later this morning to have breakfast with us and play in the snow for a while. The funniest part of the morning was that Macie kept telling us "Merry Christmas". I guess right now her little mind associates "snow" with "Christmas".....cute:-)

Playdate at the Children's Museum!

Yesterday we had our monthly playdate with Jana and her sweet little girl Audrey, and Katy and her precious little boy Silas! This month we ventured out to the Children's Museum and then to the Oak Court Mall for lunch! The kids HAD A BLAST! It has been so long since I have been to the Children's Museum, but it was much better than I ever remembered! Macie LOVED "fishing" in Mississippi River, playing on the fire engine, and shopping in the grocery store! We all had so much fun!

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Saying BYE BYE to the BELOVED Sassy:-(

Yes~ as ashamed as I am to admit it~ my sweet Macie, up until now, has still had her pacifier. It has been her life-line, her best-friend, her comfort, her WORLD, she LOVES her "sassy"!!!  If you have had a pacie baby, you know what I'm talking about!  We have been attempting to take it away for quite some time now, but for one reason or another every time we have tried, it has failed~we (mom and dad) have failed:-) As crazy as it may sound, I think we are just as attached to it as she is!  It helps her fall asleep easy, it gets her back to sleep quickly during the middle of the night, it comforts her when she is upset, it has gotten us through many months of teething, it keeps her peaceful during our Wal-mart trips (the list could go on!!) has basically kept mommy sane!!! 

We have attempted to take it away during the day and only give it to her during naps and at night-time, BUT that was just as unsuccessful. I finding out, she is an ALL or NOTHING kind of girl:-)  And with little brother arriving in just 11 weeks or less, ITS NOW OR NEVER.  Trying to take it away after he arrives, when he to will have a pacie, would just not work!!  SO, here we go.......pray for her......pray for me.....pray for all our sanity!!! This is HUGE for all of us!!  I have a feeling this is going to be a rough week~

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Are You Serious?

There are just some things that you should NEVER say to a pregnant woman, and there are some of those that just don't think before they speak......the most recent of my I am window shopping at the mall while Macie is at Mother's Day Out, I see this really cute purse in the window of Gap, so I thought I would go in and check it out.  Not TWO feet into the store, I am greeted by this "lovely" sales lady, who instead of greeting me with the typical "is there anything I can help you find today?", she greets me with "um mam, you did know we don't carry maternity items in here, those are downstairs in our Baby Gap?"  WHAT!!!  Are you serious???!!!  What I really wanted to do was respond with "um, mam, did you know that a real good way to get a quick slap in face by a hormonal pregnant woman (who is already feeling fat today) is assume that I need directions to your nearest maternity store!!"  But of course I didn't, I just politely smiled and said "thank you I know where the maternity wear is, I am just looking at one of your handbags".  As she responded with a very confused look "oh".....does the woman think pregnant women can't buy handbags??!!! Needless to say, she did not earn any commission from me yesterday.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

She is SUPREME!!!

On Tuesday, we headed to Nashville for the Celine Dion concert at the Summit Center! If anyone knows me well, you know I LOVE ME SOME CELINE!!! She is definitely my all time favorite! I own all her cd's, know all the words to all her sappy love songs (yes you could call me one of her biggest fans!!) My sweet hubby got me tickets for this concert LAST CHRISTMAS, so I have had a year to look forward to the fun! We have family in Columbia, TN that generously offered to keep Macie for us while we went to dinner and the concert (THANK YOU TODD AND CATHY!!) We had dinner at Jonny Rockets (YUMMO), dessert at Wetzel Pretzel (gotta love Cinnamon Sugar Pretzels), and then headed to the concert! It was AWESOME!! This was my 3rd Celine concert! But by far the best one was when my AMAZING hubby proposed in the airport 5 1/2 years ago and then whisked me away to Vegas for her show at Caesar's Palace! Definitely a night I will NEVER forget!! Thank you Jason for being such trooper and sitting through 2 hours of sappy romantic love songs-that is LOVE my friends!!!!

Are We Reverting????

Jason has had some time off this week, so we have begun preparations on the nursery! We painted last weekend and on Thursday we took the crib out of Macie's bedroom, set it up in the nursery, and put up her new toddler bed (which she loves)! Decorating on his room has also begun! So much fun! Today while we were putting the crib together and getting the bedding on, Macie was having a blast playing with all the old "newborn" things we were taking out of the closet.... She kept asking us "baby coming???". During all the fun, she managed to strip her clothes off and was laying on the changing pad in the floor wanting us to change her diaper, while she pretended to cry like a baby! Once the bed was finished, she "had to" get in! So we put her in just to see what she would do! She was simply HILARIOUS!! She asked for bottle, so we gave her one of the old ones we had stored away, and she began pretending she was "crying, drinking her bottle, and sleeping like a baby". It was so funny! She even was asking us to "burp me"! She definitely knew she was "putting on a show"! When it was time to get out......she wasn't having it....she kept telling us "No, Macie a baby"!!! Oh wow!! Let's hope this is not what we are to expect when little Caleb arrives! We need her to be the BIG SISTER:-)

26 going on 27 Weeks!

Time is flying by these days and I'm already 26 going on 27 weeks! Only about 12 weeks left! Caleb is doing great! He is quite the ACTIVE little man!! I'm feeling pretty good other than just getting bigger, which means carrying around more weight, but I'm sure as the 3rd trimester kicks in, that will soon change-that is always when the real fun begins:-)! The blood pressure is still normal (Praise the Lord)! I just pray it continues to stay that way. The next appointment is the big Gestational Diabetes test, let's cross our fingers I pass! I have been throwing the idea around of whether to attempt a VBAC (vaginal birth after cesarian) if the circumstances were all good (baby is position, no high blood pressure, ect). The doctor is not necessarily "for it", but she isn't "against it" either. There are risks of course, but there are also risks with "major abdominal surgery"! I'm going to continue to pray about it and see what the Lord says! I just want the baby and myself to be safe during the delivery. It's becoming more "real" everyday that I will be a mommy of two very soon! I can't wait till he gets here, but I am scared out of my mind at the same time!! It's been a while since we have had a tiny baby in the house! Oh boy!!

Saturday, January 10, 2009

It's getting closer......

Our sweet Caleb Michael will be here before we know it, and preparations are getting under way! Yesterday, my wonderful-hard working hubby painted the baby room! It looks so good! We have purchased the bedding for the crib (we got a SUPER STEAL of a deal at Pottery Barn Kids in Nashville-Circus Animal theme-ALL pieces including bumper pad, bed skirt, quilt, pillow sham, and 2 crib sheet for $90!!!), we have started pulling out all of the newborn essentials from the back of the closet, and of course I have begun purchasing baby boy attire, since all we have is girly stuff! Only 13 weeks (or less) and he should make his big arrival! It's finally started to sink in that I will be a mother of 2 VERY SOON!

Beautiful blue walls!

The bedding! So cute!

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Oh What Daddy's Will Do For Their Little Girls!!

Macie is in this phase where she LOVES to play dress up! And she also LOVES to dress other people up as well! The other night she decided it was Daddy's turn to play dress up! He was such a good sport and went right along with it! What a sweet Daddy!!

Macie and Daddy after playing dress up!

After playing with Daddy, Macie decided to dress herself up next!

Ryan and Liz Stone

Last Sunday night, December 28, 2008, Jason had the priviledge to be part of Ryan and Liz's wedding day! Ryan is one of Jason's very best friends and Liz is Jason's assistant at work! They are very special people to both Jason and I and we are so excited for them! The wedding was so beautiful and the dessert reception was OH SO GOOD! Who can't go wrong with Muddy's Cupcakes!! We wish both of them the best in their marriage!

Mr. and Mrs. Ryan Stone!

My super sexy groomsman!!