Psalm 106:1

Praise the LORD. Give thanks to the LORD, for he is good; his love endures forever!

Thursday, December 30, 2010

Christmas Cuties!

My sweet big girl~

He wasn't having it.....

My Babies!!

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Visit with the Great-Grandparents!

This past weekend I decided to take the kids to visit my grand-parents (their great-grandparents) in Pickwick. Jason was working so my parents decided to come along for the ride and I was grateful for the extra hands:-) The country can bring the craziness out of these two!!

Macie and Caleb with their "Granny"

Playing outside! Caleb later decided to chase his sister down with this nice BIG stick, which lead to her falling down a hill trying to run away from him. BOYS!!!

They LOVE their Nonnie

An attempt to take a picture with Pap, Caleb at this point had enough of the "country life":-) Ha! And Macie was not happy about having to stop "taking her blood pressure" to snap a picture! Why do my kids hate having their picture taken so much?!?!?!

Macie and Pap~

Saturday, July 24, 2010

I'm Ba........ack!!!! (for now)!!

Yes, I know, it's been a WHILE, a L....O....N....G....while, but I have been crazy busy! With what you ask????


Between trying to hold down the fort with a 3 and 1 year old, keeping a "decent' looking house, and being a good wifey..... I feel like I have NO time! And what little time I have, the blog has NOT been the first thing on my "to do" list!:-) Am I the only one who feels like they can't keep up?!?! I really want to do better with the blog....maybe I'll start with adding it closer to the top of my "to do" list! Ha! But for now, I will just leave you will a little sneak peak of my life right now:-)

These 2 are TOTAL messes!:-) LOVE them to pieces, but !Wow! they are 2 full time jobs!!!

And yes, she has been crying, and actually is in "time-out" (somewhere she visits frequently) and of course their is her "side kick" trying to offer her a little comfort (until he decides to start pulling her hair or jumping on her!!!) FUN TIMES!!!

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Macie's Garden

We really aren't sure where she got the idea from, but Macie has been wanting to plant a "garden" for a while. It started out by her planting rocks in our flower beds and watering them daily, hoping they would grow:-) We explained that they weren't going to grow and that she would need to plant some seeds, so of course she begged and begged to go buy some seeds and plant them. We took a trip to the Home Depot and this is one of the things she picked to plant.......

I can see it now.....a 300 pound pumpkin growing in our back yard:-)

Tilling up the dirt with Daddy

Planting the seeds

She was MORE than excited!

Let's see what happens come October!

A little water.....

And there you go.....Macie's back yard garden!

**She also chose some Radish seeds and Zinnia seeds...those are planted in our flower beds:-)
Not sure why she wanted the radishes, but there was NO convincing her to put them back!

My Mischevious One.....


Friday, June 11, 2010

Master Bedroom Makeover Part 2~Crown Molding

Wow! It's AMAZING how a new coat of paint can make things feel so "fresh"!! The hubby did a WONDERFUL job and I'm totally happy with the color choice!! The room feels SO MUCH BIGGER now! After a fresh coat (or 2) of paint, we decided to add some Crown Molding around the ceiling! We have it in our living room and I LOVE the "effect" it adds, and since we have such high ceilings in our room we decided to add it to the bedroom. Now, if you know the hubby you know that he is has some INCREDIBLE building skills! He did FABULOUS job with the molding! He even had to make his own "corner pieces" to connect the molding since our ceilings aren't completely square....seriously he amazes me with his skills!! It's looking so we (HE) just has to caulk around it and give it another paint job! Pictures of the "final" crown molding project to come!

Power tools and a cute naked baby!!!:-)

There is something seriously *HOT* about a man using power tools:-)

Go Hubby! Go!

Mommy holding up the molding (with a broom) so the hunky hubby could staple it up!
Picture courtesy of Macie Jewel:-)

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Master Bedroom Makeover Part 1~

So we finally decided to give our Master Bedroom a much needed makeover! Well, let me say that "I" decided it needed a makeover and the hubby lovingly said "ok sure, does that mean I have to paint?" Haha!! Boys! I mentioned in an earlier post that we have had the same duvet cover for almost 7 years so we (I) was ready for a change!:-) So let the makeover begin!!!

Before ....
Before again.....
and ANOTHER before (gotta get all the angles!)

Macie and Mommy playing around while Daddy was hard at work painting...please excuse my appearance, but really, who takes a shower when they are painting!:-)

Smile Daddy....picture courtesy of Macie:-) Can't you just tell how much he LOVES painting!

Another after.....
And ANOTHER after!!!

Bye Bye Chocolate Brown.....HELLO Martha Stewart "Tobacco Leaf"

Part 2 to come.....Crown Molding around the ceiling!!

Monday, June 7, 2010

Catching Up!

Wow! I feel so behind! Things have been NON STOP around here lately it seems! Summer is here and we are so excited! I can't wait to see what fun things the summer holds for the family! I no longer have a "newborn" so I feel like we can get out and do a few more things than we could this time last year....but I now have a very active TODDLER and that just means finding things that are "age appropriate" and fun for both a 1 year old and 3.5 year old......and working around their nap schedules! YES my 3.5 year old still naps....she doesn't have a choice:-) Here are just a few happenings over the last few weeks!

Playing in the hose at Nonnie and Pop Pop's house!

Swimming at Kay Kay's with their cousin Wilder!

Starting Summer School at Bartlett Hills Baptist Church!

Swimming @ Nonnie and Pop Pop's Neighborhood Pool!

Trip to Grandma's for the Shaw Family Reunion 2010

Thursday, May 27, 2010

A baby sister named "Squiggles"......

It's NO LIE when I say that Macie asks NO LESS than 5 TIMES A DAY...(and I quote)..."can we have a girl for a baby sister one day?" Macie is C.R.A.Z.Y obsessed with wanting a baby sister! Where this comes from, we have no clue! Most of the time I just blow it off, some of the times I will humor her...For example:

Me: "Why do you want a baby sister?"
Macie: "So Caleb can have a baby friend to pull its hair"

Me: "What would you want to name your baby sister?"
Macie: "Squiggles"
Me: (try not to bust out laughing) "What would her last name be?"
Macie: "Um, Long" (staring at me with a look like, what else would her last name be?)

Me: "What if God gave us a baby boy?"
Macie: " Um, No thanks"

Macie: "Mama, can we have a baby girl for a sister one day?"
Me: "Ask to you daddy!!!" :-)

And since there is no "baby sister" on the scene, those around her will just have to suffer:-)

Macie and sweet Lynnlee Stone

Daddy LOVED this one, so much that he said Caleb was going to work with him from now on:-)

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Well, it's OFFICIAL......

He is definitely HIGHLY allergic to peanuts!!

Poor baby! After seeing the Allergist last Thursday, it was confirmed that Caleb is indeed allergic to peanuts. We have also been advised to stay away from ALL tree nuts as well as there is a 60% chance that he is allergic to those as well, or will develop and allergy to them. When he turns 3 we will take him back for re-testing on peanuts and test for tree nuts and other common allergens as well! Their is a 20% chance he will outgrow it, so we are praying that is the case! As for now, we are strict on reading ALL food labels and being very careful as to what we give Caleb to eat, especially when we are out to eat. We have also been advised to avoid ALL foods that contain "traces" of peanuts, food that has been processed on equipment that process peanuts or products that contain peanuts, and all foods in "out to eat venues" that could be "cross-contaminated" with peanuts . THAT'S A LOT OF FOOD!!! Next time your out to eat just notice ALL the signs EVERYWHERE saying that their foods could have come in contact with peanuts! It's crazy!!! Bye Bye Baskin Robbins ice cream (as they scoop peanut butter ice cream with the SAME scoop as the vanilla WITHOUT WASHING THE SCOOP, only "rinsing" it!!!!). But we are taking NO chances....according to the allergist all it takes is a one bite of food that contains a "piece" of a peanut to cause a reaction which could be life threatening....mommy is most definitely armed with her EpiPen now at ALL TIMES!

I hate this for my baby boy, but it's just one of those things we must learn to adjust to. :-(

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Caleb's First Haircut!

He looks so excited, right?!!? Ha! He wasn't so sure about someone cutting on his hair, but he did a great job! He only had little fly-aways and a little length over his ears, but he definitely needed a trim:-) Ms. Angie did a great job! I LOVE (and highly recommend) Belle Ame Hair Salon!!!