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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Well, it's OFFICIAL......

He is definitely HIGHLY allergic to peanuts!!

Poor baby! After seeing the Allergist last Thursday, it was confirmed that Caleb is indeed allergic to peanuts. We have also been advised to stay away from ALL tree nuts as well as there is a 60% chance that he is allergic to those as well, or will develop and allergy to them. When he turns 3 we will take him back for re-testing on peanuts and test for tree nuts and other common allergens as well! Their is a 20% chance he will outgrow it, so we are praying that is the case! As for now, we are strict on reading ALL food labels and being very careful as to what we give Caleb to eat, especially when we are out to eat. We have also been advised to avoid ALL foods that contain "traces" of peanuts, food that has been processed on equipment that process peanuts or products that contain peanuts, and all foods in "out to eat venues" that could be "cross-contaminated" with peanuts . THAT'S A LOT OF FOOD!!! Next time your out to eat just notice ALL the signs EVERYWHERE saying that their foods could have come in contact with peanuts! It's crazy!!! Bye Bye Baskin Robbins ice cream (as they scoop peanut butter ice cream with the SAME scoop as the vanilla WITHOUT WASHING THE SCOOP, only "rinsing" it!!!!). But we are taking NO chances....according to the allergist all it takes is a one bite of food that contains a "piece" of a peanut to cause a reaction which could be life threatening....mommy is most definitely armed with her EpiPen now at ALL TIMES!

I hate this for my baby boy, but it's just one of those things we must learn to adjust to. :-(

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Kendall said...

I am so sorry, Faith! I am sure it will be a big adjustment, but, eventually, you will get use to it. Checking for peanuts will become second nature and you will learn safe foods and restaurants. I hope he does overcome it though!