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Wednesday, May 19, 2010

I Wish: Master Bedroom

" I wish".....I had enough money to create my very own "master bedroom sanctuary", in a home that was custom built just for my family:-) I couldn't find ONE picture that described my "wishful master bedroom", so I thought I would give you a little picture show rundown:-)

I am in LOVE with this duvet cover! It's beautiful and has a "comfortable" look (which is totally me). I actually just ordered for our master bedroom!! I usually lean towards darker colors and less pattern, but I have been dying to use this blue somewhere in my house and I am in the mood to change things up a bit!

Long, blue silk drapes to coordinate with the bedding

I would love to pair it with some gorgeous bedroom furniture like this! I LOVE the dark woods and I am dying for a King size bed with a tall solid headboard and one WITHOUT a foot board (so the duvet can hang over the end of the bed and show all it's beauty!!)

My bedroom would have high coffered ceilings, a sitting area, tall windows, recess lighting, a dark tan wall color and lovely french doors leading out to a private patio!

But instead of hardwood flooring, I want stained concrete, with a coordinating rug under the bed.

And of course the room would not be complete with out one of these bad boys! Oh heavenly day! A gas fireplace with nice big TV over it (that's for the hubby)!

A girl can dream, right?
Visit Kelsey and tell us what kind of bedroom you'd want to come home to every night.


Caroline said...

Beautiful choices. I have drapes like that in my bedroom now and I love them. I am dying for hardwood floors though.

A Wedding Story said...

Love that first picture with the natural looking headboard!!! WOW! Pottery Barn?!

Kendra said...

Your room looks awesome.! I would LOVE that room.!

What's New with Mrs.T said...

Great choices!! I really love that living room.... I can see myself kicked back with the fire roaring with a glass a wine.. ohhhhh how lovely!

Selma said...

Beautiful choices! Love the last picture!

Kelsey @ Seattle Smith's said...

Apparently, I need Google lessons from you because you found the most amazing picks!!

Delilah said...

your rooms look very nice!
btw you have a wonderful looking little family!