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Monday, May 10, 2010

Teacher Appreciation and School Program

Last week at Macie's school (Advent Pres) it was Teacher Appreciation Week. Being a former teacher, I know how nice it is to feel appreciated, even if it is in the simplest ways! So we baked her sweet teachers some Poppy Seed Bread Mini Loafs and made cards to say THANK YOU! I personally appreciate these women because they have taken such GREAT care of my baby girl this year and taught her SO much!! They are truly wonderful women!

YUMMY bread!!! Check out my food blog for the recipe!

She was SO proud of her cards she painted!

Not only was it Teacher Appreciation week, but Macie's class also put on a special Circle Time program for the parents. CUTE! Macie did a great job! They sang songs, said their pledge, showed their parents how they take roll each day, and the kids even made the moms Mother's Day cards and gave us flowers at the end of the program *tear*.......I am so proud of the little girl Macie is becoming:-)

My big girl (3 years old)!

Circle Time

Macie's Teacher, Ms. Susan and Ms. Dianne ( we LOVE them!!)

So proud of her!!!

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