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Praise the LORD. Give thanks to the LORD, for he is good; his love endures forever!

Saturday, December 3, 2011

Happy 5th Birthday Macie Jewwl!!

I can NOT believe my baby girl turned FIVE on Tuesday!!! Where in the world has the time gone?!?! I promise, I feel like I just blinked and she was 5!!! The thought that I only have her home with me for 8 more months before she starts Kindergarten is making me one sad mama! :(

My Big FIVE year old!!!

Macie is: sweet, tender hearted, *very* strong willed at times :), loving, funny, a little obsessive compulsive (she totally gets that from me!), creative, smart, social butterfly,....the list goes on!! I love my precious little girl! Happy Birthday Macie Jewel!!!

This year we celebrated Macie on two different days. We started off her birthday celebration with a party for her "girlfriends" at Sweet and Sassy. CUTEST.PARTY.EVER!! She had a blast with all of her friends!! I'm talking ALL THINGS GIRLY!!!! It is a day she is still talking about! :) All the girls got to dress up in princess dresses, get their hair done, make-up done, nails painted, and do all things princess related!! And at the end they had a fashion show! SO.MUCH.FUN!!!

Me and my birthday princess!

All the party friends! We missed you Caroline and Bethany!

Sweet little girl :)

Getting ALL decked out! So glamerous!

After the party was over we stayed for what has been a LONG awaited event.....EAR PIERCING!!! Macie had been asking to have her ears pierced for about a year now, so after making sure that she was REALLY ready, I decided that this was the PERFECT opportunity. I was TERRIFIED she was going to get really scared and have a major meltdown......BUT much to my surprise she did AWESOME! Never once shed a tear and said it never even hurt! I was shocked! To the day she has not MENTIONED any pain or soreness! Such a big girl!

Marking the spots! I think I was more nervous than she was!!! :) Ha!

She did it!! All smiles and NO tears (praise the Lord!)

Little Diva!

This past Tuesday (November 29) was her actual birthday and we had a big day of celebrating! We woke up and had birthday donuts (pink icing with sprinkles of course!) and then headed off to my doctors appointment where Macie got to come in and see my ultrasound. She LOVED it! She is going to make a GREAT big sister, again :) After our appointment we headed to Chick-fila for some lunch and playground time (of course). Later we headed out to pick up her ice-cream cake from Baskin Robbins and then home to get ready for her family birthday party at the house! We had a blast! Macie's request was grilled hotdogs, so that's what we had :)

SO thankful for my family! I am BLESSED!

Macie and her Princess Ice-Cream Cake! YUM!

Macie opening up the gift Jason and I got her. An Ariel fish take. The girl has been BEGGING for a fish! :)

Between Sweet and Sassy Party, Jason and I's 8th anniversary, Thanksgiving, our 20 week ultrasound, Macie's actual birthday and family party, AND then Jason's birthday all in a 2 week time span, I was WORN OUT!!!! :0 Now.....on to Christmas! It's the most wonderful time of the year!!!!!!


erin said...

So fun! You look so good, Faith!

I am impressed Macie didn't cry when she got her ears pierced! I think I got my ears pierced around that age but cried like a baby. Then they got infected and I just let the holes close up and got them re-pierced later when I wasn't such a wimp. :)

Leslie said...

Looks like she had so much fun! I gave you a blog award, by the way!