Psalm 106:1

Praise the LORD. Give thanks to the LORD, for he is good; his love endures forever!

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Saying BYE BYE to the BELOVED Sassy:-(

Yes~ as ashamed as I am to admit it~ my sweet Macie, up until now, has still had her pacifier. It has been her life-line, her best-friend, her comfort, her WORLD, she LOVES her "sassy"!!!  If you have had a pacie baby, you know what I'm talking about!  We have been attempting to take it away for quite some time now, but for one reason or another every time we have tried, it has failed~we (mom and dad) have failed:-) As crazy as it may sound, I think we are just as attached to it as she is!  It helps her fall asleep easy, it gets her back to sleep quickly during the middle of the night, it comforts her when she is upset, it has gotten us through many months of teething, it keeps her peaceful during our Wal-mart trips (the list could go on!!) has basically kept mommy sane!!! 

We have attempted to take it away during the day and only give it to her during naps and at night-time, BUT that was just as unsuccessful. I finding out, she is an ALL or NOTHING kind of girl:-)  And with little brother arriving in just 11 weeks or less, ITS NOW OR NEVER.  Trying to take it away after he arrives, when he to will have a pacie, would just not work!!  SO, here we go.......pray for her......pray for me.....pray for all our sanity!!! This is HUGE for all of us!!  I have a feeling this is going to be a rough week~


KimMc said...

You can do it...and you will be so surprised how much more she will start talking! Good luck and I promise that it will be easier than you imagine!

Sharaze said...

Aww! Good luck to you all.

We've decided that once Autumn is talking a little more we're going to start working on the thumb sucking. :P That's gonna be a blast. NOT! lol!

erin said...

Aww, can you believe there are only 11 weeks until your little baby boy is here??? Good luck this week!

The Moseley Family said...

oh Faith. I hear you. :) i will be praying. i have a friend who's daughter was obsessed with the paci and they took it away cold turkey one night.had 2 nights of crying, and then was totally ok. their are so many methods of doing it. i just hate the whole thing. i want him to have his as well and i love that he has had it since day ONE. it is so sad to me. but i know it has to happen. Noah's has a hole in his right now and really just holds it while he sleeps. just as a comfort thing. he is not sucking on it.

lea haley said...

Macie called me.... and you need to give it back... just kidding. she's much better off with her EYES OPEN all the time instead:)

Stephanie said...

I feel for ya!! Christopher was SO attached to his "shriend" (friend). Sarah really never became attached to one like he did. I remember saying "bye" to the paci - throwing it in the trash and we both watched as the garbage man picked it up - waving bye!! It was sad but it was TIME!! He never asked for it after that. Good luck!!!