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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Macie's Garden

We really aren't sure where she got the idea from, but Macie has been wanting to plant a "garden" for a while. It started out by her planting rocks in our flower beds and watering them daily, hoping they would grow:-) We explained that they weren't going to grow and that she would need to plant some seeds, so of course she begged and begged to go buy some seeds and plant them. We took a trip to the Home Depot and this is one of the things she picked to plant.......

I can see it now.....a 300 pound pumpkin growing in our back yard:-)

Tilling up the dirt with Daddy

Planting the seeds

She was MORE than excited!

Let's see what happens come October!

A little water.....

And there you go.....Macie's back yard garden!

**She also chose some Radish seeds and Zinnia seeds...those are planted in our flower beds:-)
Not sure why she wanted the radishes, but there was NO convincing her to put them back!

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Caroline said...

This is a great idea for Macie. I can't wait to see how it turns out. I do not have a green thumb.