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Friday, June 11, 2010

Master Bedroom Makeover Part 2~Crown Molding

Wow! It's AMAZING how a new coat of paint can make things feel so "fresh"!! The hubby did a WONDERFUL job and I'm totally happy with the color choice!! The room feels SO MUCH BIGGER now! After a fresh coat (or 2) of paint, we decided to add some Crown Molding around the ceiling! We have it in our living room and I LOVE the "effect" it adds, and since we have such high ceilings in our room we decided to add it to the bedroom. Now, if you know the hubby you know that he is has some INCREDIBLE building skills! He did FABULOUS job with the molding! He even had to make his own "corner pieces" to connect the molding since our ceilings aren't completely square....seriously he amazes me with his skills!! It's looking so we (HE) just has to caulk around it and give it another paint job! Pictures of the "final" crown molding project to come!

Power tools and a cute naked baby!!!:-)

There is something seriously *HOT* about a man using power tools:-)

Go Hubby! Go!

Mommy holding up the molding (with a broom) so the hunky hubby could staple it up!
Picture courtesy of Macie Jewel:-)

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