Psalm 106:1

Praise the LORD. Give thanks to the LORD, for he is good; his love endures forever!

Saturday, May 17, 2008

Sick Baby:(

Well, the inevitable happened and Macie finally caught what Jason has been battling all week, a nasty viral infection! And on top of that she has croup too!  NO FUN!  It was a LONG night last night full of NO SLEEP,  high fever, coughing that sounded like awful "barking" sound, and major chest congestion.  We finally made it to 8 a.m and called the doctor to make an appointment! After LONG wait and being thrown up on by Macie (one more symptom to add to the list) in the examining room, we set out for home where we hoped to get some rest!  On the way home, the throwing up continued!  For most of you that don't know, I have  HUGE phobia of throw up!  I had dreaded the day when Macie had her first "big girl" throw up! I just knew I would freak out! But to my surprise, I handled it rather well!  My heart my hurting so much for her, all I could do was just hold her as she was getting sick all over me! Every mom I had ever shared my fear with told me that it would be different when it was my "own" child and I didn't believe them, UNTIL TODAY!  We made it home to get baths and cleaned up, but not much rest was gotten by any of us. Macie didn't want to sleep, which in turns means NO SLEEP FOR MAMA!  We survived the afternoon and are heading into the looks like it's going to be  LONG one again...pray for my sanity, that I don't catch this stuff, and especially for Macie's healing!  


Amanda Lemonds said...

OH poor thing and you too! It sounds like you all have the kind of 24 hours that we have had...but at least Brayden wasn't throwing up! I hope she gets better and you get to catch up on your rest! Well we go to the zoo often so next time we go we will call you and maybe yall will be able to join us!

KimMc said...

God bless your sweet heart...And I mean it! I know what it means to have a sick baby and it is NO fun! I will pray that things get better real soon!