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Thursday, November 10, 2011

16 Weeks!

How Far Along: 16 weeks

Size of baby: Baby #3 about 4.5 inches long (length of a tube of mascara)

Total Weight Gain/Loss: not sure, but I am POSITIVE I'm gaining...

Maternity Clothes: Definitely in maternity pants and starting to pull out a few of the smaller maternity tops......but most days you can find me in a t-shirt and a pair of jeans :) My favorite outfit!

Gender: Well it's was super early, but we found out at our 14 week ultrasound that we are having another baby BOY!!! Heart Rate was 150. Of course, we will confirm at the 20 week ultrasound just to be sure there was no FALSE report :)

Movement: YES!!!! I started feeling him move this past weekend! By far the BEST feeling ever!!! Makes it all start feeling real! :) And by move, I mean those little first "pokes" in the belly that you feel when your sitting or laying really still.... :)

Food Cravings: SALTY! SALTY! SALTY! And I'm loving fruit too!! Sweets are still not on my "favorite list" but I've had a few here and there. Cereal is also a staple meal for me :) and I'm LOVING chips (especially chips and dip!) YUM!!!.... could probably eat a whole bag of Doritos (if left alone with the bag!!) Ha! And a my guilty pleasure is Diet Dr. Pepper (in moderation) or a small coffee from McDonald's (3 cream 1 sugar) Tasty!

What I miss: Baking!! I LOVE sweets but have had NO desire for them! :( and running....I had gotten up to about 4 miles before I found out I was pregnant...and I'm not a runner when I'm pregnant :) so it's something I look forward to getting back into come May.

Sleep: Depends on the night. I had a stretch of REALLY bad nights were I was waking up a lot and not being able to go back to sleep, but lately I've had some good nights with only about 1 potty break/wake up. I notice if I do not "nap" during the day, I sleep better at night.....

Symptoms: Still lots of trips to the potty, occasional headaches, and over all just being really tired..... but other than that I"m feeling pretty good!!! I know this isn't going to last long, so I'm soaking up the last couple of weeks before the "fun" begins :) The third trimester always kicks my rear!

Best Moment this week:
Feeling baby boy move (or poke)..... :) That's what it feels like right now!

What I am looking forward to: Our 20 week ultrasound on November 29th! I know we already know the sex, but for me it's a MILESTONE in the pregnancy and we get to see baby boy again :) Plus, we are taking the kids with us, which they are SO excited about....AND it's Macie's a fun day ALL around!!! :)

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