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Praise the LORD. Give thanks to the LORD, for he is good; his love endures forever!

Friday, March 27, 2009

Her Source of Happiness, Everyone's Lack Of Sleep!

As a mom, there is NOTHING more rewarding than seeing your child happy, I mean REALLY happy! For over a month I have been trying to find this Step 2 Fun Flow Sink for Macie. And for over a month it has been out of stock EVERYWHERE! My child LOVES to play in the water, ESPECIALLY the sink. It makes her EXTREMELY happy! Whether she is brushing her teeth, washing her hands, or pouring water in and out of cups, she LOVES to play in the water!! So, when I saw this toy in a Toys R Us ad, I knew I HAD to purchase this for her.....but much to my disappointment, this thing was no where to be found! UNTIL LAST WEEKEND!! We decided to take a trip to Costco for some grocery shopping (we usually go to Sam's) and low and behold, THE SINK WAS THERE!!!!! And it was cheaper than at Toy's R Us!! I think I was more excited than Macie was! But it didn't take her long to figure out just how fun this new toy was going to much fun the child COULD NOT EVEN TAKE A NAP!!! For an hour and a half she stayed awake in her bed wanting to play with this toy! Which meant no nap time for her....and no nap time for her 9 month pregnant mommy! Wow!! But let me tell you, when I saw the how excited and happy she was when we took it out of the box and began to put it together, it made made my heart smile.....a HUGE smile:-) Totally worth the lack of "napping" everyone got today!

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jennifer said...

what a super fun toy. avery would looove that!