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Thursday, February 28, 2008

Weight Watchers Here I Come!

So I have decided that I have had ENOUGH with the "too tight" jeans! The excuse of "they must have shrunk in the dryer" is getting WAY to old and reality has set in......IT IS TIME FOR WEIGHT WATCHERS AGAIN! Summer is coming and my body is DEFINITELY not ready for it! 

I went on Weight Watchers in January of 2006 and over the course of 12 weeks lost 18 pounds and was exercising regularly! It was amazing! I had not felt that great physically in a long time! At then end of the 12 week program all was going well and I was very proud of myself for the weight loss!  But MUCH to my surprise, I found out I was PREGNANT!!!  What?? How could this be?? I just lost ALL that weight! I have a beach trip coming up in 6 weeks! Needless to say, I did not keep it off! Pregnancy brought on all it GLORIOUS pleasures and the weight seemed to creep back on!  Morning sickness (aka ALL DAY SICKNESS) and the need to "keep food on my stomach" quickly help bring back the "lost" pounds plus those extra pregnancy pounds! In the end, my sweet Macie Jewel was ALL worth it, but I am ready to get back to the "great physical feeling" again! 

So......I am officially starting Weight Watchers again!  I am not joining a group in order to save some$$, so that will present a level of difficulty in itself because of the lack of accountability, but I am praying that the Lord will keep me concentrated on my weight loss goals and not distracted by all the yummy things that "entice" me.  Keep me in your prayers! I will need it!  And I will keep you posted on the weight loss progress!  I love the Weight Watchers program because it is not necessarily about WHAT you eat, but moderation and portion size! It is a complete "lifestyle" change......which I am in desperate need of at the moment! I am just crossing my fingers I don't get pregnant again:)

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Elizabeth said...

You'll do great. You're one of the most determined and focused people I know. Good luck!!