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Monday, December 7, 2009

8 things....

It's been a while since I've posted....I feel like I'm always trying to come up for air....Two kiddos is HARD WORK.....One of my New Years Resolutions is to *try* an update more frequently!....So just for fun.........

8 Things!

8 Things I'm Looking Forward To:

1. Christmas activities with the kids (Starry Nights, Storytime with Santa, Alpine Village)
2. A FULL nights sleep without one of the kids waking up
3. Delivering gifts to our CRB (Christmas in a Red Bag) family
4. Jason taking off a few days for the Holidays (We when daddy is home)
5. Painting/Decorating Macie's "big girl" room upstairs
6. Caleb crawling
7. Beach vacation next summer!
8. Macie and Caleb being able to really play together and the possibility of a 3rd child in the future....(Maybe)

8 Things I Did Yesterday:

1. Went to church at Highpoint (AWESOME!!)
2. Ate lunch at Swanky Taco (LOVE me some Chicken Salad)
3. Fed, clothed, bathed, played, and tended to both kids by myself (Jason had to work ALL day)
4. Laundry.....laundry.....and MORE laundry......(it never ends)
5. Made cookies with Macie while listening to Chipmunks Christmas
6. Washed my china after using it Saturday at the Women's Christmas Dinner at church.
7. Marinated a Pork Tenderloin to freeze and cook later....I LOVE cooking ahead
8. Picked up the HUGE mess the TORNADO (a.k.a Macie Jewel) made all over our house

8 Things I Wish I Could Do:

1. Go on Cruise with the hubby~no kids
2. Have a FULL day to myself......without having to come home and feed a baby:-)
3. Figure out the PERFECT gift for the hubby....the man is SO hard to buy for!
4. Stay caught up on all my chores, meal planning, and budgeting
5. Be given a fully loaded gift card to Target.....oh that is my happy place:-)
6. Figure out how to get Macie to leave her brothers head alone (no mashing, poking, hitting, rubbing, name it, she does it to his head!!!!!)
7. Have time to read a book from start to finish
8. Let go of some of my obsessive compulsive/stressful tendencies.....and I wander where my daughter gets it from:-)

8 TV Shows I Enjoy:

1. Days of Our Lives (yes it's a Soap, and YES I LOVE it....DON'T JUDGE!!) It's my
2. Mercy
3. Private Practice
4. Grey's Anatomy
5. Food Network
6. Criminal Minds
7. Today Show
8. Dr. OZ


1. Target
2. Sonic drinks
3. Pedicures
4. Cooking (find a great recipe)
5. Jeans, a T-shirt, and running shoes
6. Cheesecake Factory (Nashville)
7. My mini-van (yes, I said it, I LOVE it)
8. Mothers Day Out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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